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Small Town Travel: The Energy Vortex and Citrus Orchards of Ojai, California

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As far as the central coast of California goes, the small town of Ojai often gets lost in the shadows of destinations such as Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, and Big Sur. It’s a bit understandable given the reputations of those latter towns, but a look at Ojai reveals its value as a weekend getaway for those living within driving distance and as a stopoff for travelers driving Highway 1.

Though not on the coast, the “Valley of the Moon” is considered by many to be an energy vortex, similar to Sedona in that people find its aura to be powerful and even healing. This is one reason why the town is known as a rejuvenation and relaxation destination with many spa and retreat facilities. Its position in a valley adds to that charm, comforting visitors into a rural California nest of citrus farms.

Its flagship fruit, the Pixie tangerine, is harvested every spring. Sweet, seedless, and low in acid, it might as well be a piece of candy. A good time to visit is during April, when the town celebrates Pixie month. Restaurants create custom cocktails and dishes that feature the Pixie, and hotels around town offer packages that include Pixie spa treatments.

During the day, Ojai is all about getting outdoors and experiencing its unique combination of orchard-covered hillsides. Hiking and biking trails help you get bird's eye views of the valley, as does a trip to the Meditation Mount, whose gardens and sweeping views (shown below) will start to give you an idea about the good feelings and energy that have become associated with the area. To get a break from the heat during the summer months, pencil in a visit to Lake Casitas for boating, fishing, camping, and walking.

For those of you who like to keep tabs on the celebrities, Ojai is where Reese Witherspoon had her wedding a few years back, and remains a getaway destination for many living in LA.

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