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Video Interlude: Cadbury is Crazy with Airport Dance Fever

April 4, 2014 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

To the 3 of you who obsessively follow our travel politics posts: apologies, but content is going to become increasingly sparse as we enter the silly season of an off-cycle election. We just can't take it. We're not sure what exact second we snapped, but the story responsible was this "TSA unions support armed guards" nonsense. We've already written extensively about the dishonest bait-and-switch that was used to install TSA unions. We've already written extensively about how TSA tries to protect ill-thought policies with hastily-thrown together band-aids. We've already written extensively about how politicians grandstand against TSA but won't give the agency the resources to do things right.

The convergence of those topics kind of short-circuited our brains. You probably don't want to read about the internal politics of labor plus safety plus electoral considerations. We certainly have no desire to write those posts. It's a shame because the story is actually really important both as a substantive matter and as an illustration of how the way we talk about aiport security is broken. And yet.

Instead, how about a video where someone tries to sell you chocolate by dancing through various parts of an airport?

Nice cinematic long shot there at the beginning, fun little ditty for the rest of the clip.

The spot is ostensibly for Cadbury's Ritz and Lu bars, and according to AdWeek the company has done a series of these dance-style clips. None of those commercials involved someone dancing across baggage claim, nor kind of skiing through the terminal using those carts. So this one is better.

Airports really are kind of awesome places, aren't they? Even if the people we've put in charge of them are bumbling incompetent career bureaucrats.

[Photo: Cadbury / YouTube]

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