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Detroit Airport Puts a Pet Restroom Right in the Terminal

April 29, 2014 at 6:04 AM | by | ()

Good news for those who travel to or through Detroit Metropolitan Airport, as the airport has just added a place for service animals to make a little pit stop during their layovers.

Over in the McNamara Terminal—the one with all the Delta traffic—airport officials have set up what they’re calling Central Bark Animal Relief Area. Basically it’s a restroom for service dogs complete with a couple patches of grass, as well as a fire hydrant to set the mood.

Service animals are free to do their thing, and there’s even a button on the wall to help rinse away their business. It’s pretty much a full serve doggie restroom, and there’s also a sink to wash up and get water to fill up Fido too.

Obviously this is way more convenient than having to clear security during a layover, and just makes the travel process that much more smooth for someone traveling with a furry companion.

If you want to check the scene out on your next connection through the airport just make your way over towards gate A34, and you can check things out for yourself.

[Photo: Facebook / DTW]

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