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These 3 Airlines are Already Dabbling with Smartwatch Boarding Passes

April 29, 2014 at 11:29 AM | by | ()

Tilt your wrist to scan a boarding pass? That's the plan, as a few airlines are already moving ahead with smartwatches. Iberia, Air Berlin and Vueling have teamed up with some high-tech minds to make flying the friendly skies a little easier.

All three airlines have created a way for their applications to send mobile boardings passes to smartwatches. Iberia has partnered with Samsung's Gear 2, Air Berlin with Pebble (compatible with iOS) and Vueling with Sony.

Another cool part of the news is that Samsung is helping Iberia with some futuristic NFC (near-field communication) to store the information on the SIM-card of your phone, so just a few taps at the airport will pull up your itinerary for check-in. This is similar to Qantas' smart chip check-in or Visa Paywave, which works even when the phone is powered down.

Vueling was the first to create the wearable boarding pass earlier this year, though its Spanish flag-carrier cousin and German LCC Air Berlin were close behind with their respective partners. The applications are currently available, and the airlines are working to roll out smartwatch readers into their airports.

[Photo: Vueling]

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