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Ride-sharing App Lyft Expands to 24 Cities with Free Rides

April 28, 2014 at 11:31 AM | by | ()

When done correctly, those newfangled ride share programs can be pretty darn convenient, and even better they're often a great alternative—as in cheaper—than a taxi or town car. Options like Sidecar and Uber are just a couple of examples participating in this model, and there’s also Lyft. Speaking of Lyft, they just announced a significant expansion of their offerings to a slew of new cities.

Lyft works just like a lot of the other peer-to-peer ride programs in that there’s an app that connects drivers around you to take you where you need to be. They try to have a little fun with things as well, so be sure to remember to sit up front when you get in your ride and maybe even fist bump the driver.

Oh—and be on the lookout for a fuzzy pink mustache on the front of your driver’s car. The drivers go through interviews, background checks, and there's all kind of insurance behind the operation, so put some trust behind the program while just staying smart. That fuzzy mustache is one piece of proof they've passed the process.

Now, about those 24 new cities that just launched over the weekend. You’ll now be able to get a Lyft in spots like Albuquerque, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Omaha, Tulsa, and more. To celebrate, they're offering up free rides now through May 8. Technically it sounds like things are limited to 50 free rides up to $25 each, but that’s still a whole bunch of free pick-ups and drop-offs.

[Photo: Lyft]

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