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Two New TV Shows You May Actually Want to Watch on Travel Channel

April 28, 2014 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

The summer may be time for TV show re-runs, but behind the scenes it's actually the most creative season as new TV shows develop and film pilot episodes. Our eyes are on Travel Channel, as they typically have quite a variety of shows to sample come autumn and it looks like 2014 won't disappoint.

Details Hollywood has the full scoop on all six shows in production, but we're most excited for two in particular:


“Metropolis” spotlights iconic cities around the world with the goal of reimagining everything travelers know about them. From hidden secrets to signature foods to cultural idiosyncrasies, viewers are granted extraordinary access to each location through stunning 3D graphics and stylized re-enactments. The one-hour pilot is produced by Nutopia.

"Only In..."

"Only In" takes viewers on a crazy and visual ride around the globe to discover the places, people and events that are so unique, they can only be experienced side by side with the locals. Venture far off the beaten path and experience amazing cultures that have long captured the imagination, from robot waiters serving dinner in Tokyo to runners competing in a minus-50-degree Ice Marathon on frozen Lake Baikal in Russia. The one-hour pilot is produced by PSG Films.

We think "Only In" has the most potential, seeing how it's already a popular enough hashtag for destinations on Instagram, which could provide tons of ideas for individual episodes in perpetuity. A couple of the other shows seem to be rip-offs of "Shark Tank" and Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown," reimagined for Travel Channel. Meh.

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