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Why an Airline Now Holds a Record for 'Highest Ever Theatrical Performance'

April 25, 2014 at 10:53 AM | by | ()

Airlines are known for backing all sorts of arts, from Broadway musicals to flashmobs. Leading the charge towards an officially recognized "Shakespeare Day" is easyJet, who've spent this week going above and beyond in honor of the bard.

First, easyJet put their EasyJet Airbus A319 repainted with Shakespeare's portrait and named "Romeo Alpha Juliet" (even though the tail number is G-EZBI) on their London - Verona route for the April 23rd departure.

Next, the airline enlisted the Reduced Shakespeare Company to give a 30-minute continuous performance onboard the flight, to entertain and hopefully qualify for as a Guinness World Record for "highest ever theatrical performance" on the 450th anniversary of William's birth.

Finally, easyJet is now encouraging all UK residents to get involved, whether they fly with the airline or not, via the Shakespeare Day petition and #shakesonaplane hashtag. Should this reach the 100,000 online signature mark, it will go before British parliament with the aim of making Shakespeare Day a thing for years to come.

Although this onboard performance is over, there's still a chance to catch actors performing in support of the petition, as EasyJet will continue with "mini Shakespeare performances" at other UK airports during busy check-in periods through the rest of this month.

[Photo/Video: EasyJet]

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