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This A380 Will Pack In the Most Passengers Yet

April 24, 2014 at 6:25 AM | by | ()

We heard that Transaero had some plans for their Airbus A380s, and now it sounds like we’re in for a real treat. The carrier that does its thing to and from Russia is planning on packing the double-decker aircraft, and it might just take the title for the world’s largest passenger plane—when counting the number of travelers stuck in the seats.

Plans call for cramming 652 seats aboard these Airbus A380s, and we can only imagine that’s going to limit our legroom and seat recline. These big birds are set to join the airline’s fleet at some point in 2015, so you’ll have plenty of time to stretch and prepare before taking to the skies.

As we kind of mentioned earlier, all of these seats will set Transaero easily apart from other A380 operators—they will easily have the densest seating configuration. There will be 616 seats in the economy cabin, but they are saving some space for those wiling to pay for the pleasure. As there will be 24 business class options, and the plans call for 12 Imperial Class suites.

At least there will be some stuff on board to keep you entertained, as they are planning to install some WiFi—promising speeds up to 12Mb per second for each and every passenger. They’re also tapping Panasonic and their eX3 in-flight entertainment system to keep all plugged in and connected on these long haul flights.

Not gonna lie—we totally want to fly a Transaero A380 once they hit the skies, but it's definitely an excuse to bring an inflatable pillow and other small comforts onboard.

[Photo: Airbus / Transaero]

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