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Where the Interactive 'Game of Thrones' Exhibit is Heading Next

Where: Toronto, Canada
April 24, 2014 at 2:29 PM | by | ()

Game of Thrones fans are getting a chance to immerse themselves into the world of Westeros through a new touring exhibit.

The exhibition has already stopped in NYC, Mexico City, Austin, and Rio De Janeiro. Next, it will hit Oslo (4/26 - 4/30), Toronto (5/14 - 5/18), Belfast (6/11 – 6/15), and Vancouver (8/16 - 9/1).

Along with a large display of costumes, props (including the coveted Iron Throne), armor and weapons from the series, the show also includes a new virtual reality experience in which fans learn exactly what it would be like to travel a few hundred feet in a Westeros elevator shaft.

For ticket information, visit hbo.com.

[Photo: HBO]

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