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Wish You Were Here: Bouncing Around the Camps of Kenya

Where: Nairobi , Kenya
May 2, 2014 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

This week, we've been hopping around Kenya, bouncing between safari camps and reserve regions to discover one of the most dramatic ecosystems in the world. We started in Nairobi, then circled through Laikipia, Masai Mara, and now the town of Watamu outside Mombasa. You can find Nairobi easily on the map above, and we've circled the three other areas to give you a sense of where our whereabouts.

Next week, we'll begin our coverage of the county, including how to get around, what to expect from the safari experiences and natural landscapes in the different regions, the food, culture and people, and some thoughts on the state of tourism in the country on a whole. Below, we provide a preview shot of the scenery.

Stay tuned, and wish you were here!

[Map: African Pride; Photo: Will McGough]

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