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What It Means for SWISS to Be the First 'Allergy-Friendly Airline'

April 22, 2014 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

This news comes Just in time for allergy season, as there's one airline doing its best to keep passengers from sneezing and sniffling. SWISS just became the first carrier to be classified as allergy-friendly, but just don’t expect them to be busting out HEPA filters between flights.

Basically they’re adding a few new features to both their goodies on the ground and up in the air, as they’re trying their best to help those suffering from allergies when and where they can. Partnering with the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation will help SWISS to decide what allergy-free means for in-flight service, although the first moves seem to be the addition of lactose- and gluten-free food and beverage options on the in-flight menu. Alternative coffee creamer and a different chocolate bar will be just a couple of the new options, yum.

Interiors are getting an upgrade as well; first and business class passengers can score synthetic filled pillows—rather than those stuffed with feathers. The airline is also doing away with flowers and air fresheners in the cabin, and promising improved hand soap in the lavatories.

All this work must mean something for SWISS, and it does. They’re the first carrier to meet ECARF criteria for an allergy friendly airline, and that means a snazzy seal and sticker to use where they deem fit. This is certainly a step in the right direction, but don't stop packing those travel-size tissues just yet.

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