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All Hail the Return of HotelChatter's Annual WiFi Report

April 23, 2014 at 9:45 AM | by | ()

This is the week, you guys! Our awesome sister site HotelChatter.com has completed yet another (the 10th annual!) info-packed report on hotel WiFi, and all info is laid totally bare, free from flowcharts. If you've ever searched for a hotel and tried to figure out, in the hotel website's fine print, whether or not they charge for WiFi and how much, then this report is for you.

Actually, it's a report for anyone! Do you want to sit in a cozy hotel lobby, drink tea and get some work done? Crash in your room and catch up on your favorite blogs (hint hint)? Head to a hotel with free WiFi that you find on the report. There's even a section on hotel chains that offer MOAR wifi strength, for those times you need the best possible connection for Skype video conferences or Netflix streaming.

Check it all out here:

· HotelChatter's Annual Hotel WiFi Report, 2014 Edition

This info has been personally tested by HotelChatter's intrepid reporters from around the world, and you can totally add your own experiences in the comments for future updates. Frequent travelers should totally bookmark it, and don't forget that we've got our own features to explore here at Jaunted, such as Flight Reviews and Live Coverage.

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