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Avoid Summer Construction at SFO and Consider Another Bay Area Airport

April 2, 2014 at 10:09 AM | by | ()

We hope you’ve already starting planning your summer vacation, and that the mad search for affordable and attractive airfare has already been initiated. If you’re planning to visit San Francisco and the Bay Area this summer you’ve probably started to check out options to and from the city’s main airport—SFO. However, just be aware that you might want to check out some of the other airports in and around the area as well.

Obviously the more options there are the better chance of a deal, but what we’re most concerned about are potential delays over at San Francisco International Airport. Constriction work is arriving sooner than later, and the airport will be forced to close down two of its four runways between May 17 and the middle of September. Add in some of the area’s well-known weather—fog—and you’re all set for an extended delay arriving or departing the city.

It sounds like the airport plans to have everything under control, and they’ll be utilizing some software that will assign specific departure times in hopes of minimizing takeoff delays. If you are to hit a little bit of an inconvenience it sounds like the middle of the week between 10am and 1pm might be the worst, but airport officials are quick to point out that will only be like 15 minutes at most.

For those that would prefer to just skip over SFO entirely there are plenty of other area options, as both the airport in Oakland and the one in San Jose are also available—assuming their locations are close to your final destination. Even farther north in California is Sacramento, and that’s a solid alternative to those looking to hit up wine country for the weekend or to see that giant red rabbit thing.

Hopefully things will be smooth sailing throughout the summer, but if not know that there are some options—and to pack a little extra in-terminal entertainment. Either way you can’t go wrong spending some time in The City by the Bay, so enjoy!

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