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EarthWatch Institute Celebrated April Fools' Day with a 608-Day Trip to Mars

April 2, 2014 at 2:57 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, the EarthWatch Institute celebrated April Fool's Day by offering "the first public expedition to Mars in search of water and life."

In a press release EarthWatch promised an idyllic journey in which "volunteers will spend their days hiking through meteor craters and Earth-gazing, all while looking for signs of water and life."

The 608-day trip included a ride to Mars on a space shuttle, travel to the research site, and a recreational day to "float around."

Just in case anyone was apt to fall for such a prank, EarthWatch did give away few tell-tale signs that the expedition wasn't what it seemed. The price tag ($1,250,000) alone should have been a red flag, not to mention the lead researcher listed in the description was "Dr. Marvin Martin of the Intergalactic Science Coalition."

This trip might have been a joke but EarthWatch does offer plenty of legit worldwide journeys that let volunteers engage in scientific field research and education to promote a sustainable environment. For more information, visit http://earthwatch.org.

[Photo: earthwatch.org]

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