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Don't Sleep on Small Towns as You Plan Your Summer Trips

April 3, 2014 at 1:27 PM | by | ()

We know how tempting large-scale trips to sexy-sounding destinations can be. The thought of summer in Paris or a weekend in New Orleans is totally understandable and, if you can swing it, we support you hundred percent.

But for those of you whose budget and time allowance clash head on with your wanderlust, we offer a friendly reminder: Don't forget about the small towns hiding all across the country that are typically cheaper, require less time to fully explore, and often provide just as many unique experiences as mass tourism destinations.

And we're not talking about places that will have you yawning minutes after arrival - we're talking small towns that offer big opportunities. You might not be able to afford a cross-country trip, but pile a few friends into the car for a long-weekend, and all of a sudden your options begin to open up. Stay tuned as next week we'll feature a few of them that we've enjoyed in the past, and hopefully it will inspire you to look around your area and make plans for a trip sometime this summer.

[Photo: Small Town Gems]

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