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New York's Next New A380 Arrival May Be Turning Japanese

Where: Japan
April 18, 2014 at 8:00 AM | by | ()

The very first A380s will be arriving soon aboard a carrier in Japan, as Skymark Airlines is getting ready to take some of these big birds high into the skies. The very first test flights sporting their livery and look just took off, and it will be later this year when the planes will be first packed, or not so packed, with people.

Things will be a little different for these planes when Skymark Airlines climbs into the cockpit, and we’re not talking about their plans for the uniforms of their flight attendants. These A380s won’t have any traditional economy seats at all. The carrier plans to load the double-decker with premium economy and business class seats only, so get ready to stretch those legs.

It looks like 114 of the seats will be those aforementioned business class options, and these seats will almost do the lie flat thing. As for the premium economy seats there will be 280 of them doing their thing on the first floor of the airplane.

Skymark Airlines has six of the Airbus A380s on order, and the have big plans as to where these things will be headed. We’re guessing plenty of planes will be departing from Tokyo-Narita, as they head to spots across the globe. London, Paris, Frankfurt and New York have been mentioned as some of the potential options, and we’ll keep you posted to when some of the most comfortable A380s in the world first take to the skies.

[Photo: Airbus]

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