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AeroMexico Will Start Sending Some 787s Across the Atlantic to London

Where: Mexico
April 18, 2014 at 9:48 AM | by | ()

AeroMexico has had some 787s hanging out in their hangar for a little bit of time, and now they’re using them for some new options. The carrier sees the need for a little more demand on one route across the pond, so a Boeing 787-8 is coming to the rescue.

The planes are on their way to three weekly round-trip flights between Mexico City’s Aeropuerto Benito Juárez Internacional and London Heathrow Airport beginning this month, and it will remain that way throughout the summer. This will boost back and forth capacity by like 70 seats per flight, as the 787s replace some 767s on the Atlantic crossing.

We particularly enjoy the flight number of these options, as AM007 seems like the perfect option on which to fly into the homeland of James Bond. These flights depart Mexico at around 11pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and the flights will arrive over in the United Kingdom around 4pm—local time—the following day.

In case you’re looking for more Dreamliner destinations aboard AeroMexico you are in luck, as the carrier has 10 Boeing 787-9s on order directly from Boeing. The carrier’s current 787-8s are leased, but the bigger (better?) versions will be theirs to keep.

[Photos: Boeing/AeroMexico]

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