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Is 'Flytographer' the Solution in the Struggle for Vacation Selfies?

April 17, 2014 at 6:21 PM | by | ()

Let's be real. Nothing is more embarrassing than a selfie stick, but you can't just travel around with a personal photographer in tow. Or can you?

Flytographer.com finally has a solution for travelers who are struggling for selfies, consistently disappointed with vacation photos, or feel like they're not living in the moment with an eye to a viewfinder. That solution is to book a local vacation photographer who will tag along to craft an informal photo shoot in your destination.

The site's network of photographers covers 85 cities, including New York, London, Rome, Tokyo, Maurtitius, and Melbourne.

The cost ranges from $250 (30-minute photo shoot of 15 digital photos) to $600 (2-hour photo shoot in multiple locations with 60 digital photos).

To book a photographer, hit up www.flytographer.com.

[Photo: flytographer.com]

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