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Three New Travel Apps to Add to Your Homescreen

April 16, 2014 at 1:25 PM | by | ()

Every so often, smartphones need a good app update and refresh, and this goes doubly so for travelers who rely on discovery and informational help from apps while in a new city. Here, three apps we've recently added to our own homescreen for travel purposes:


Recommended by our own Max Graham, the app is simple, straightforward, and otherwise everything you need when you've got limited time and patience. We'd like to think of it as a stripped-down Foursquare but, in Max's words, AroundMe has "no recommendations, just where stuff is."

Click a category, pick a location, and be immediately shown that location on a map including address, distance from you, and relevant contact information. Most useful in a pinch would probably be the ATM, Parking, and Gas Stations categories, although you'll likely need everything in AroundMe at some point or another during your travels.


So you're looking for a good meal? Who isn't? Traveling to a city new to you, however, can turn the simple act of choosing a restaurant into a stressful ordeal. Tastemade exists to help you make informed dining decision, via watching 1-minute video reviews (showing both meals and atmosphere) of restaurants by regular people.

The app is especially helpful in US cities, where the selection of videos is largest. Beyond using Tastemade for recommendations, you can also contribute videos of your own; the format is the set and extremely simple to use on your smartphone.


This app is all in the name of fun, though it does deal in facts. WeatherWhiskers shares weather conditions using data from Wunderground.com, and is customizable to include a range of international locations. The fun arrives in the form of cats, because what app doesn't need moar lolcats?

You know when you're traveling and planning activities for the rest of the day? This is the app to use. For planning several days out, best stick with the real-deal weather of The Weather Channel or AccuWeather.

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