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Boston's All Set to Blanket the City with 'Wicked Free WiFi'

April 15, 2014 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

Checking out a city is always a little easier with the help of WiFi access, least of all to double-check direction in Google Maps. Thankfully Boston agrees, and it has started to flip the switch on city-wide connectivity. City officials have named the network "Wicked Free WiFi".

Up first is the Grove Hall neighborhood, encompassing about one and a half square miles and home to roughly 30,000 residents. This neighborhood was chosen as number one to provide decent speeds to those who might not necessarily be able to afford paying the premium for broadband at home, as city officials clearly recognize a resident's right to social media usage.

The next two years should bring hotspots to the city’s 20 commercial districts. Just be aware that now the boss won’t believe that you missed that email during those extended Friday afternoon lunch breaks.

For now the city does operate around 70 WiFi hotspots in and around the major tourist spots. Areas include but aren’t limited to Allston, Boston Common, Charlestown, City Hall, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Faneuil Hall, Hyde Park, and South Boston.

The city does stress that the free WiFi shouldn’t be used a replacement for access back at home, but rather as something to compliment your ability to access things on your mobile device while on the go. As you can see, it’ll still be a little while before the whole network is up and running, so until then, stick that map in your back pocket.

[Photo: City of Boston]

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