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Got $100? Then You've Got Access to the Captain's Seat of an Emirates A380

April 14, 2014 at 1:56 PM | by | ()

The massive Dubai Mall may seem like it has everything—there's an ice rink, aquarium, waterfall, gold souk, luxury hotel, and the title of "world's largest mall (by total area)"—but up until recently it's been lacking the one interactive exhibit it needed the most: a flight simulator.

Of course, this being Dubai and all, it can't be just any flight sim; the rig is that of an Emirates Airbus A380 cockpit, complete with flight instructor. Seeing as how Emirates is currently the world's largest operator of A380s, such a superjumbo flight sim only adds to the Mall's UAE cultural attractions and obsession with the superlative.

Playing in the sim won't add stripes to your shoulders, but Emirates has attempted to make it realistic, but friendly for beginners: "Choose your destination, select your time of day and even set the weather before you take off. Fly over your choice of 12 different destinations on a number of different flight paths."

Of course this high-tech fun won't be free; Emirates is charging AED350 ($95 USD) for a 30-minute session. There is a gaming aspect to the experiences; points are tallied and there's a leaderboard on the official website. No word on if any prizes will be handed out, but this sure beats twirling about on the ice rink.

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