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Catch Up on In-Flight Magazines Without Boarding a Plane

April 10, 2014 at 9:42 AM | by | ()

Go ahead and call us crazy but we really enjoy the beginning of each and every month, and that’s because a new month brings the arrival of new in-flight magazines. Right around the first of the month—and a day early if you’re lucky—the old copies are removed, and fresh, clean issues are loaded into the seatback pocket.

Sudoku and crossword puzzles are free to be completed, and there’s at least a solid 15 minutes of content that we can read through at our discretion. Sometimes we even hold out until cruising altitude, and in those cases we begin with SkyMall.

Now that you know about our deep dark secret regarding our beginning of the month thrill, we figured we’d let you get in on the in-flight magazine fun as well—just back on the ground. Most of the big carriers in the nifty fifty publish their offerings online too, so you can also check out what’s going on when your phone’s calendar icon refreshes to the number one.

Here’s where you can digitally flip through things, so be sure to take a few minutes after lunch today and imagine yourself at 35,000-feet, in a middle seat, and with a small cup of Diet Coke loaded with beverage cart ice:

· Sky Magazine – Delta

· Hemispheres – United

· American Way – American Airlines

· US Airways Magazine – US Airways

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