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Video Interlude: Nothing is Sweeter Than These Two Old Ladies on Their First Flight

April 14, 2014 at 11:26 AM | by | ()

Vodafone recently began a brilliant campaign to showcase communication technology as it relates to improved quality of life. One video has members of a refugee camp making the first call home, while another details the creation of the first "color-conducted" orchestra concert. Without a doubt, however, their masterpiece is "An & Ria's #First Flight," a 9-minute short film following two elderly women as they embark on what is not only their first flight, but their first experience abroad.

Head to 4:00 for the beginning of their airport experience, where they marvel at airplanes ready to take off for exotic destinations. Remember—neither of these women (aged 78) have been more than a drive or train away from their homes for their entire life, vacationing near so as to avoid air travel.

Of course the huge difference between regular commercial air travel and the flight taken by these two women, is that they were privy to a private jet and all of the comfort and attention that entails (including a visit to the cockpit). We doubt they would've enjoyed a typically flight from the Netherlands to Barcelona, most likely on a low-cost carrier, which would've charged them extra for their baggage, extra for not printing their tickets at home, extra for the champagne, and then shoehorned them into the tiny seats next to strangers.

For the curious, their private jet was D-AJET, an Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 currently owned by Air Hamburg. This aircraft (the Embraer 135) also comes in a commercial configuration, and we've flown it on various short hops in the US on AA's American Eagle. Granted, we weren't served champagne, but it is nice to note that the ladies did fly on something to prepare them for possible future trips on regular service.

And how much do we love Ria? May we all travel with her sense of wonder, adventure, and a sliver of that delightful innocence.

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[Video: Vodafone Firsts.com]

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