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Just Another Example of Why You Never Put Valuables in Your Checked Luggage

April 1, 2014 at 11:27 AM | by | ()

In the event you haven't heard, as many as 25 baggage handlers at LAX were involved in the theft of thousands of dollars in valuables from checked luggage, according to the NY Daily News. Items stolen included jewelry, electronics, and clothing, among others.

We know it is so easy to have a little faith and toss your jewelry bag or iPod into your checked luggage, but as this sting proves, it really, truly is not a 100% guarantee that your things will come out the other end. As you might imagine, the process to file a claim for a missing item is equivalent to chasing a rabbit down a hole, so the best line of defense is to keep valuables close.

If the event you need to check luggage on your next trip, separate out anything that's important to you and put it in your carry-on. There is absolutely no reason to risk it, especially considering the TSA and other airline employees are legally able to open and search your bags. It's just asking for trouble.

[Screenshot: ABC News]

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