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This One Los Angeles Street is Home to Three of the City's Best Ramen Restaurants

Where: Sawtelle Street [map], Los Angeles, California, United States
April 2, 2014 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

Tacos and Mexican food may be the first things to come to mind when you think of the food scene in Los Angeles, but don't sleep on the city's other ethnic offerings that, according to The Daily Beast, score big points for their unwillingness to cater to a general audience.

"(The restaurants are) making no concessions to you, and the food thrives because of that," said Kogi BBQ Chef Roy Choi. "They’re cooking from the heart. They’re not considering, ‘Uh, would that be too spicy?’ You’re just in their part of town. You are the one percent.”

This weekend, we visited Sawtelle Boulevard in West Hollywood, home to a high concentration of Japanese businesses and residents. The street offers everything from sushi to sake, but the main attraction is the Ramen. There are several restaurants within a few-block radius that serve up the relatively inexpensive Japanese "fast food," although as it goes with many Asian dishes, many of the cheapest tend to be the most delicious. Reputable places along Sawtelle include Tatsu, Daikokuya, and Tsujita, among others.

Many restaurants on Sawtelle are cash only, so come prepared, and expect to pay about $10 for a Ramen bowl. Lines can get pretty long during dinner hours, especially on the weekends, so don't go in a rush. After sucking down the noodles, complete the experience and walk off your meal with a Boba tea from Coco Fresh on the corner of Sawtelle and Olympic.

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