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Finally, a Stand-Up Comedian Does a Bit About Boarding Southwest

March 11, 2014 at 1:04 PM | by | ()

When we flew Southwest the other day, we boarded the plane and sat in an aisle seat in row 10. When another passenger came and chose the window seat next to us, we started joking around. We talked about ways to keep that middle seat open. Should someone approach and attempt to sit down, we discussed several options that we thought might convince them otherwise, including the idea of starting to bicker back and forth and pretending to be a fighting couple as they sat down between us.

Putting on a skit like that was a longshot, but our row-mate did indeed employ a few tatics in an attempt to keep others at bay, from placing her bag on the middle seat, to talking on the phone, to standing up and rearranging herself in front of the middle seat as people walked by. Ultimately, the plane was not full and no one selected the seat, but, to her credit, lots of passengers bypassed our row when they could have easily sat down.

To be honest, we found the whole thing rather entertaining, mostly because of how the Southwest boarding process sparks a humorous war between passengers. Those boarding are stereotyping those who are sitting, and those sitting are crossing their fingers the seat beside them doesn't look overly appealing. Someone should do stand up comedy about this, right? Enter Tom Sharp, an amateur comedian who took up the task.

"You're walking onto the plane, and all of a sudden you have your pick of the litter. Almost like it's a homeless animal shelter," Sharp muses. "I'm committed to making sure you don't want to sit next to me. When I fly Southwest Airlines, that's the only time I purposely try to look fat."

In the video of his performance above, Sharp has some classic lines that will have you chuckling to yourself next time you board Southwest (which reminds us... laughing out loud for no reason is a good way to make potential seatmates think you are crazy and look elsewhere). Scroll to 4:32 to hear the bit about Southwest, or click this link to be brought right to it.

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