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Monday, Five Thirty: This Nutty Beer is Brewed with Bull Testicles

Where: 1634 18th Street [map], Denver, Colorado , United States, 80202
March 10, 2014 at 5:28 PM | by | ()

In celebration of the most needed happy hour of the week, we're launching a new column called “Monday, Five Thirty” that will take a look at different vices from around the world, specifically boozes and beers unique to a destination. Last week, we went to Grand Cayman to try out some of the local rum, Seven Fathoms, which is aged underwater. This week, we head to the Mile High City where one beer is brewed with an usual delicacy.

If you don't know what a Rocky Mountain Oyster is, we'll be blunt: It's a bull's testicle, and it is often eaten fried in the American West cattle-raising culture. We know, we know. It's hard to say who to feel worse for - the bull who lost the testicles, or the person who's putting them in their mouth.

But eaten they are, and one brewery in Denver, Wynkoop, decided to steep them in a stout. The story behind the creation of the beer is a pretty good one. In 2012, the brewers put out an April Fools' Joke in video form that claimed they had brewed a beer with bull testicles. To their surprise, many people took it seriously and began inquiring about how they could try it. The reaction was so positive that Wynkoop realized it could actually sell something of the sort if it became reality. Later that year, Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout hit the market.

We understand if you're skeptical, but don't be scared. Despite how it sounds, it's a really tasty beer, brownish black in color and on the thicker side with flavors of chocolate, espresso and, of course, nuts! It's big and bold at 7.5% ABV and is brewed with 3 BPBs - aka 3 balls per barrel!

You can visit the brewery in downtown Denver for a taste, or look for/order a six pack of its recently released cans from your local beer distributor.

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