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Airport Carpets are a Shockingly Popular Subject on Instagram

March 5, 2014 at 3:49 PM | by | ()

While Instagram photo series like #throwbackthursday and #windowseat are popular on a mainstream level, there are other, cooler hashtags advancing niche interests. An example of this is #kicksonaplane or, as we recently discovered from instagramming the Phoenix Airport photo above, #airportcarpet.

#AirportCarpet currently boasts 882 photos from Instagram users around the world. Take, for instance, the below snaps from Portland, OR (definitely the most popular airport carpet, by far), and Wellington, New Zealand.

In comparison, #casinocarpet only has 186 images, and #hotelcarpet has 478. Of course one could blame the popularity of airport carpets on the waiting room-like atmosphere of gate areas and the hours of boredom before a flight departure, but where's the fun in that?

A final note on Phoenix. Just to prove that we aren't making all this up, there is an account dedicated to PHX's floors, which has a healthy following for an account revolving around a carpet.

To show off your own funky airport carpet find, simply upload your Instagram and include the hashtag #airportcarpet in the caption. And, of course, follow us on Instagram @Jaunted for more airport ephemera.

[Images: Jaunted, Instagram screenshots]

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