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So, Who Won BBC Top Gear's A380 Race to Sydney?

March 5, 2014 at 5:33 PM | by | ()

Above: James' final leg, from Dubai to Sydney

24 hours ago, BBC Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May set off from London-Heathrow Airport with a final destination of Sydney, Australia. They flew on separate planes through different layover airports, and their arrival times were to be within thirty minutes of each other despite the incredibly huge distance traveled. The trip evolved into a Top Gear Live challenge, with the usual jokes and competitive spirit of a regular Top Gear challenge, except that it all occurred over Twitter.

Well, now that the guys have completed their #RacetoSydney journey and are on the ground Down Under, it's time to name the winner.

Although James May was the out-and-out favorite with a scheduled arrival time a full half-hour ahead of Jeremy, Mother Nature conspired against him and Jeremy Clarkson eked out a win onboard a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380.

James' connecting flight, EK 412 from Dubai to Sydney, suffered a 1-hour departure delay which was likely caused by weather and congestion at Sydney Airport after a major thunderstorm rolled through the area. Naturally, Jeremy gloated with a tweeted photo (below) of him hopping their helicopter transfer, sans James.

Above: Jeremy's final leg, from Singapore to Sydney

Final flight details:

Jeremy Clarkson *winner*

SQ 321 London - Singapore (travel time: 12h 40m)
1h 55m layover in Singapore
SQ 221 Singapore - Sydney (travel time: 7h 55m)
Sydney scheduled arrival time: 7:30am Thursday
Sydney actual arrival time: 7:22am Thursday
[Photos of the Singapore A380 Biz Class]

James May

EK 6 London - Dubai (travel time: 6h 45m)
1h 30m layover in Dubai
EK 412 Dubai - Sydney (travel time: 13h 45m)
Sydney scheduled arrival time: 7:00am Thursday
Sydney actual arrival time: 7:30am Thursday
[Photos of the Emirates A380 Biz Class]

This was really quite a nail-biter with an 8-minute difference, and even James admitted to getting more and more excited as the #RacetoSydney hashtag picked up steam and the A380s flew nearly nose-and-nose. Hopefully these exploits earn at least a mention on a future episode of Top Gear, or at least a live rematch!

[Images: FlightAware screenshots & Twitter]

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