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United Quietly Flips the Switch on Super Fast WiFi

March 4, 2014 at 9:21 AM | by | ()

United might not have been the first one to introduce in-flight WiFi, but they are trying to lead the way with faster speeds and better tray table connectivity. Just the other day they flipped the switch on some of this technology, so your next flight just might be that much better.

The newest United technology kind of takes a page from what JetBlue has been doing, as the bits and pieces of up in the air technology rely on ViaSat-1 satellite stuff. That means way faster speeds, and a lot more in-flight streaming of Netflix and Hulu—at least in theory.

United hasn’t really made a big announcement or a reveal about things, so we’re kind of thinking they are just trying to test things out under the radar. For now your best bet is to climb aboard one of the carrier’s Boeing 737s equipped with DirecTV, as these are the first in the fleet to start doing the satellite WiFi thing. Specifically those with the tail numbers N75425, N75435 and N38451 seem to be ready to connect at super speeds.

We would expect United to provide a little more detail and maybe a general timeline sooner than later; however, in the interim, consider it a treat if you’re able to enjoy these faster speeds. Just be sure to let us know about it—as well as the price—as we’re sure they’ll be charging a premium for the pleasure.

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