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When Bad Airline Meals Happen to Good Flights

Where: Australia
March 31, 2014 at 9:54 AM | by | ()

We've been pretty fortunate to score some delicious in-flight meals both in the front and back of planes, and you know by now that we're not afraid to snap some photos and share these with the world.

Nonetheless, with the good comes the bad, even in business class. We recently hopped aboard a Virgin Australia A330 from Brisbane to Perth for an evening meal and a little relaxation.

Brisbane to Perth is not only the country's longest non-stop flight, but it's also a key battleground for competition for customers. All the more reason why a bland meal was such a shocker on our flight.

We were presented with a menu that read like a regular fine dining establishment, which isn't a surprise seeing as how it's overseen by celeb chef Luke Mangan. We opted to nosh on the char-grilled chicken with cauliflower puree, smoked bacon, peas and chervil for our main course.

That's when the excitement from a tasty tandoori lamb starter and our main course selection ended. Odd pieces of chicken on a flavorless puree of cauliflower was only made even more unappetizing by the scarcity of peas and a pile of overpowering and extra-fatty bacon. Overall, the main left us so underwhelmed we didn't even finish it.

Perhaps having sensed we didn't enjoy our choice, our flight attendant offered us both desserts on the menu to top off our meal. We were presented with a self-saucing chocolate cake with berry compote and a delicious coconut and lime sorbet from Aussie creamery, Serendipity. Perhaps, serendipitously, the delicious treats helped us mostly forgot about the blah main course.

[Photos: Jaunted]

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