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Everyone Either Loves or Hates Paris' Love Locks

Where: Paris, France
March 31, 2014 at 10:39 AM | by | ()

There are many traditions and tidbits over in Paris, and one of the most famous might just be attaching a padlock to a bridge and throwing the key into the river to symbolize everlasting love. Locking your love in a city known for affection and romance is all fine and dandy, but apparently the act might do a little bit of damage to the bridge and environment. Things are safe for now but there’s a group looking to unlock—if you will—this type of thing, as they aim to protect the Seine and the bridges that span it.

No Love Locks was born to save the bridges, as two women desire to protect and to prolong the city’s beauty—free from locks. At first we kind of thought this was a little unnecessary, but as we read their story—and their description of the locks as a creeping fungus—we kind of see their side of things.

It’s not just one bridge either as spots like the Pont de L’Archevêché Bridge are covered with plenty of padlocks, and they estimate that the Pont des Arts bridge might just be covered with 93 metric tons of metal—wow.

Obviously all that metal hanging to and from the overpasses isn’t really good for the structural integrity, and the fear is that things could start to crumble away. They have a plan, a petition, and they’ve admitted that things have become a movement of some sorts.

As for us we’re on the fence—or the bridge, haha—but we’ll let you decide on your own. Just in case here’s their story and here’s their petition, and if you want to lock your love maybe get to Paris and do so sooner than later.

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