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Virgin Atlantic Puts Pen to Paper with Latest Airline Safety Video

March 3, 2014 at 7:31 AM | by | ()

At this point we have to assume that airline safety videos are in production pretty much all the time, as it seems that each and every week another airline is revealing their creative take on getting the message out. This week it’s Virgin Atlantic and their safety film. It’s their animated take on things, and it pays tribute to plenty of past themes and ideas from your favorite movies.

You might need to head to the break room for a second cup of coffee this morning before you watch the whole thing, as this video clocks in at almost a solid six minutes in length. We think this is the first major update to the carrier’s pre-flight safety announcements in over a decade, and we’ve got to say they did a good job.

The creative minds over at Art & Graft are the ones behind the new video, and they reveal the thought process and what not behind the whole darn thing over on their website—like the unique animation process that gives the video a pretty cool look and feel.

There are cues to classic westerns, nods to campy super hero films, and stuff straight out of the psychedelic sixties. As for our take—we like it. It’s effective, visual appealing, and different than what everyone else is doing right now. We just wish we had a flight aboard Virgin Atlantic coming up sometime soon, as we are certain things would look even better live from the runway.

[Video: Virgin Atlantic / YouTube]

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