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Denmark Travel Campaign: Have Lots Of Sex, Get Pregnant, Win Free Stuff

Where: Denmark
March 28, 2014 at 11:01 AM | by | ()

Denmark is objectively an awesome place to live. The United Nations has officially declared that it's literally the happiest country on Earth. It has a strong economy, a robust social safety net, and people who are on the whole gorgeous (don't forget that last part, because it's about to become important).

There's only one problem, apparently. Not enough of those gorgeous people are making new gorgeous people. We presume there's lots of sex going on - how could there not be - but it's not productive sex, in the traditional sense. The country is actually facing the possibility of a demographic collapse, in the sense that it's becoming a real national problem that serious people discuss.

The folks at Danish travel company Spies Rejser think they've got an idea for reversing the decline. The video, which opens with the question "can sex save Denmark?," describes a campaign that Spies is calling "Do It For Denmark!"

The campaign site, in turn, describes the company's "ovulation discount." You book a romantic city holiday through the travel agency, you let nature take its course, then you send them a photo of a positive pregnancy test a few weeks later. If you do all that, you're entered into a contest to win a "fantastic child related prize."

They seem serious about actually giving away the prizes, though they point out that the experience should be its own reward. They're right, of course. There's a reason we have a sex travel category at Jaunted: those are two words that go together nicely, and people should do both of them, and they should do them preferably at the same time.

[Photo: Spies Rejser / YouTube]

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