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Would You Pop The Question on an Airplane Over The Speaker System?

March 25, 2014 at 4:49 PM | by | ()

Hopefully, someone got a better picture of this moment. That's a flight attendant on the left holding up the microphone so the girl can say yes. The man is somewhere on his knee on the ground.

There's no bad way to ask the question, "Will you marry me?" Any way is a good way, if you're serious about taking that next step with someone. But of course, it doesn't hurt to put some thought into the how the proposal will go down.

You need not orchestrate something as over-the-top as Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Stadium in San Francisco but if you are thinking about popping the question on an airplane over the speaker system, which is what we witnessed on a Delta Airlines flight last month from London to Detroit, here are few things to remember:

· Get Approval from The Airline Crew Before You Board. There is no form or application to fill out before your flight for proposing on an airplane nor is it prohibited to get engaged on a plane. But it does require you asking the crew if this is possible, when it's possible and if they can help you do it, especially since you plan on asking over the speaker. If you want to propose quietly, in your seat, may we suggest waiting until after the beverage service is over? Going full-blown with your public airplane proposal? Watch how this guy did it.

· Make Sure Everyone Can Hear You. While the captain and a flight attendant prepped us for a special moment coming from one of the passengers (after we had reached the cruising altitude), we couldn't really hear the words of the man who proposed to his girlfriend. It was a little mumbled and if we hadn't been watching from down the aisle, we wouldn't have known how it turned out. Eventually, the girlfriend-now-fiancee repeated an ecstatic yes into the PA system for the rest of us.

· Have Someone Film It. This is not necessary but hello! You are proposing on an airplane! Totally cool! So enlist someone to photograph or video the moment. Look how this couple did it.

· Carefully Plan When to Do It. Our in-love, in-flight couple got engaged pretty much right after we hit cruising altitude so then they were seated in their economy seats for another eight hours without being able to send a text or an email or to update their social media. Maybe they aren't into that. But if you are or your intended is, proposing towards the end of the flight is a better time.

· Ask for Some Champagne. You just proposed on their airline. The least they could do is give you two glasses of complimentary bubbly. Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with giving the crew a major heads-up that you are hoping to propose in-flight.

· Be Certain The Answer is Yes. This goes for all public proposals. Make sure your lover is going to say yes. We'd hate for you to be publicly rejected AND stuck on a plane for eight hours after that.

Have you popped the question on a plane? Or been a witness to an in-flight proposal? Tell us what it was like in comments below!

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