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Delta Partners With LinkedIn To Launch In-Flight Meet and Greets

March 24, 2014 at 9:32 AM | by | ()

If live television and WiFi isnít enough to keep you sufficiently entertained on your next flight, then how about an in-flight sales pitch? Delta is teaming up with the folks over at LinkedIn, as theyíre trying their best to play business matchmaker up in the sky.

The new project is known as Delta Innovation Class, and the plan is to connect young professionals with established business leaders on trips to industry events and conferences. In theory, this will give those looking to pitch the next big thing the opportunity to do exactly that, and they might even be able to score a side of mentoring with their in-flight beverage and bag of peanuts.

It sounds like Delta will even pickup the airfare, so itís worth taking a look at their site if youíre even just a little bit interested. Upcoming flights include a chance to chat up a celebrity chef on his way to the James Beard Awards in New York during the beginning of May.

Those interested need to apply for the opportunity, so be sure to have your LinkedIn profile updated, current, and ready to go. It might also be beneficial to think of some key talking points well in advance, or else that flight might seem a little bit longer than usual.

Itís not the first time airlines have tried to connect business travelers, as Turkish Airlines featured in-flight pitches as part of its up in the air entertainment late last year.

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