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Fun Fact: The 'Coors Light Mountains' Actually Exist

March 20, 2014 at 12:27 PM | by | Comments (0)

If you drink enough cheap beer, you are probably hip to the fact that Coors Light uses a mountain range not only as the background to its logo, but as an indicator of when your beer is cold enough to drink. When the mountains turn blue, the party begins.

Well, here's one for the next round of bar trivia: Those mountains actually exist, the design based off of Wilson Peak in the San Juan Mountains 11 miles west of Telluride, Colorado. Long before it became iconic with Coors, the range has been a scenic staple for those skiing Telluride Mountain.

Because Telluride is unique in its bowl-shaped ski area - meaning you are surrounded almost 360-degrees by 14,000-foot mountain ranges - it can be seen from a number of vistas. The best viewing place, Giuseppe's Restaurant, is shown in the photo below. Located at the top of the Plunge Lift, we took advantage of the spring weather and enjoyed a break in an Adirondack Chair.

If you're thinking that the photos and the logo don't look like mirror images, you're right. That's because the view from Giuseppe's is from the east, and the vantage point on the can is from the north. Of course, the more Coors Lights you have, the less any of these details matter.

[Photos: Ryan Dearth]

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