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Japanese Flight Attendants Don Minidresses to Welcome a Mega Plane

Where: Japan
March 18, 2014 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

Japan's third-largest airline, Skymark, is raising eyebrows this month after raising hems for flight attendants. A newer, shorter uniform is supposed to celebrate the launch of A330-300 flights from Tokyo-Haneda.

The miniskirt outfit are mod 1960s-inspired, and feature a form-fitting royal blue dress accented with a bright yellow neckscarf and a stylish wedge cap. No doubt they will turn heads when walking through any airport, but that's just the issue. The uniforms are facing opposition and criticism as they seem to sexualize Skymark flight attendants more than allow them to do their jobs in a professional manner (don't ask for help lifting your bag into the overhead bins!).

Luckily for the girls, this look won't be in the skies for too long; starting at the end of May, they'll fly for six months before crew reverts back to the original uniform.

Later in 2014, the budget carrier will be taking delivery of their first A380, the first in Japan and the first for low-cost carrier. Will we see a resurgence of the miniskirts for the new plane, or will Skymark design yet another ensemble for the special occasion? Americans will be the first to find out, as Skymark's A380s will begin flying from Tokyo-Narita to New York-Kennedy.

[Photo: Japan Times]

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