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These Tahoe Ski Resorts Offer Ridiculous Lake Views From the Slopes

March 26, 2014 at 12:40 PM | by | ()

If you've never been, it'd be easy to take Lake Tahoe for granted as a skier, especially the past two years where the winter has been mild and significant snow dumps have eluded the region. We understand why that would make one hesitant in terms of booking a trip, but as we learned earlier this month, a lack of snow can't cover up the sheer beauty of North America's largest alpine lake.

There are over a dozen ski areas in Tahoe, and many of them offer views of the lake. Squaw Valley and Kirkwood get a lot of attention, yet some of the best vantage points are found from the hills that hover closer to the shoreline. We recommend visiting several mountains next year to check out the different terrain, but be sure to hit at least one of these to experience the full effect of the lake:


Split between California and Nevada, Heavenly is the flagship lakeside resort in Tahoe, owned by Vail and located on the south end in South Lake Tahoe. Those staying in South Lake have the convenience of taking the gondola right from town. "Ridge Run" is where we captured the photo above, but wherever you are on the hill, it's hard to hide from the view.


Northstar isn't exactly lakeside, but it still gives skiers a pretty view through the trees as they come down the mountain.


Homewood might not be as well known as Heavenly, but it's actually closer to the lake than any other resort in Tahoe. Its parking lot is located across the street from the shore, so expect big views from just about everywhere on this hill.

Diamond Peak

Diamond Peak is located entirely in Nevada and thus has the best views of Lake Tahoe the state has to offer. Cruise down groomers and do your best to keep your head up. Not only will it improve your skiing, but it will feel like you're riding right down into the lake.

[Photos: Will McGough/Panoramio/Homewood Mountain Resort/Tom Zikas]

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