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When Will American Airlines Have Their Own Boeing 787 Dreamliners?

March 18, 2014 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Of course it won't have the old stripes...

It's official: a Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilot training simulator is in the house at American Airlines HQ in Dallas, and you know what that means? The actual airplane can't be too far behind!

American is due to receive 42 total Dreamliners (12 787-8s and 30 787-9s) and the first delivery should happen in the fourth quarter of 2014. All we want for Christmas is the option to fly an American Airlines 787, truly.

These planes were first projected to arrive in 2012, but you know how the Dreamliner program met with delays? At least it's two years late, but not too late.

Above: An AA pilot tweeted a photo of the 787 simulator being installed

What'll it look like inside?

AA hasn't yet begun the promotional fun for the 787 and thus, no interior renderings have been released. Regardless, you can bet that it'll likely be a plane outfitted with lie-flat seats in Business Class, none or a very small First Class, and both Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin in the back. Look to the new AA Boeing 777-300ERs—in fact, check out our special series on them—for an idea of what's to come.

What about routes?

Seeing as how they just barely introduced the new 777-300ERs to the New York-London route and British Airways, their alliance partner, has a 787 running between Newark and London, we're going to bet that London will not be a first choice.

In fact, we're not so sure New York will see much of an AA 787; some of the airline's other hubs (like in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia) have more need for the niche international routes the Dreamliner does so well. For example, it'd be so nice to see a 787 take over the newish Dallas-Seoul route. Hint Hint!

[Images: AA, @flybyshoutings]

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If London is not likely to be a first choice I really do hope that Manchester will get a look in on the 787 as the current mix of extremely dated 757's and 767's doing the routes to JFK & ORD are rather embarrassing for AA. Even more so now that AA have merged with US who put on an A320 on the daily MAN-PHL flight.