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Happy Pi Day! Head to These 5 States for a Slice of Specialty Pies

March 14, 2014 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

A slice of Michigan ABC pie

Happy National Pi Day! Yes, that's "Pi" as in 3.14 ad infinitum and not "pie," the tasty baked good. Still, is there any better way to celebrate Pi than by adding an "e" and cutting into the latter? For real sticklers, there is a National Pie Day, but it's over; that was January 23.

Now that we're on the cusp of spring, it's absolutely time to brainstorm some road trips. In that spirit, here's a little inspiration: Five States with Pies Worth a Road Trip

1. Michigan: Sure, Michigan Cherry Pie is the classic choice, but we'll also approve of any pie that includes Michigan cherries, like the ABC Pie of Grand Traverse Pie Company. The "ABC" stands for the main ingredients: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry. If you're lucky enough to be in Michigan right now, you can head to one of the Grand Traverse locations for a free slice with purchase (just for National Pie Day).

2. Pennsylvania: What pie has its own Foursquare Badge? The answer: PA's Shoofly Pie, which is basically a molasses pie with a yummy crumb topping. It's a traditional baked good most readily found in the state's pockets of Pennsylvania Dutch, especially Lancaster County. Head to the Lancaster Farmers' Market to browse fresh-baked varieties. Curious about that badge? To get it, follow VIsitPA's Foursquare tips and then visit and check into three food places found on that list.

3. Indiana: Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie is simple, filling, tasty and easy to make. It's essentially just sugar, flour, vanilla, milk, shortening and nutmeg, and yeah, it's designated the "State Pie of Indiana." The official Indiana blog points us to Wick’s Pies in Winchester, where the Sugar Cream Pie is made using a 19th century recipe.

4. Massachusetts: You think we'd talk about pies and then forget to mention Boston Cream Pie? Thought it's technically not pie (it's a cake), Boston Cream is a classic. In fact, it's done so well as a pie that Boston Cream donuts are nearly as ubiquitous. Can any of the other pies on this list gloat that they also exist in donut form? Nope.

5. New Mexico: Okay, so it's not your typical pie-crust-in-a-pie-pan pie, but the Frito Pie you'll find being enjoyed as a snack all around the state (and scattered in other states, thanks to its being a menu item at Sonic) still has the all-important word "Pie" in its name. Read up on Frito Pies in our tale of the time we ate one, then head to a convenience store in Sante Fe to get your own.

Note: You can take a pie as your carry-on baggage! We have done it ourselves, but be sure to pick up or bake a pie fresh that day (preferably on the way to the airport).

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