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Universal Studios Begins Blueprints for a Beijing Park in 2018

Where: China
March 13, 2014 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

Beijing might not be the next Orlando, but it looks like they are on schedule to get one heck of a theme park if things go according to plan. The suits behind the Universal Studios empire are looking in their direction, and it sounds like the bulldozers will start moving some earth sooner than later.

Nothing has been confirmed from the folks at the Universal Studios camp, but the Los Angeles Times is now reporting that it’s only a matter of time. This will be park number six for the company and the theme park family, as there are four already doing their thing with one opening in South Korea in 2016.

The Beijing park will initiate construction later this year, and according to the blueprints things should be open for business as soon as 2018.

No word yet regarding Shrek, Harry Potter, and the park’s usual mascots and entertainment. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, or if the plans meet a similar fate to Wonderland Amusement Park. This place—kind of like a fake Disneyland—started construction complete with a castle, but eventually plans went south and the whole place was flattened.

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