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New Washington Wines Hit the Beverage Carts on Alaska Airlines

March 14, 2014 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

Just a couple weeks ago we were discussing the new beer options aboard Alaska Airlines, and now this week it’s once again time to raise a glass—cheers!

Alaska Airlines knows that tastes and smells all work a little bit differently when high in the sky, so they’ve selected some blends and vintages that will perform well on the palate at cruising altitude. Now they’ve partnered with a Walla Walla, Washington winery—say that three times fast—to get some new stuff loaded into the beverage cart.

Canoe Ridge's Merlot and Pinot Gris, part of the Exploration label, will both be features in the main cabin this month, so be on the lookout and give them a taste test. We’re guessing that things will be priced similarly to their current offerings, so expect to part with $7 in exchange for a tray table beverage.

[Photo: Facebook/Alaska Airlines]

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