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2014's Peak Dates for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Japan

Where: Yokohama, Japan
March 12, 2014 at 9:17 AM | by | ()

The other day, we were going on and on about the lovely cherry blossoms set to show up very soon in Washington, DC, and today we still have the blooms of spring on our minds. However, this time we’re going across the globe to check out on the cherry trees that call Japan home.

Plenty of the trees that now dot Uncle Sam’s backyard originally came from Japan, so it’s not surprising that the country really knows how to do the spring thing. There’s even a word for checking out the blooms and the blossoms; Hanami is the Japanese word to specifically describe this act.

The cherry blossoms—or sakura—turn the green landscape pink throughout spring, but peak Hanami depends on where you're heading within Japan.

In Tokyo, for example, the first blooms are set to appear on March 30 and should be in full bloom on April 6. Other first blooms include March 21 for Nagasaki, March 29 for Osaka, and March 28 for Kyoto, so there’s still plenty of time to arrange some flights and grab a hotel or ryokan reservation.

Take a few minutes to check out their official tourism site, as it’s pretty darn great. Clicking on each location and date reveals the prediction, as well as the historical averages for the spring season. It's perfect for helping you plan your viewing party. Details are available in both a listing as well as a map, so that's twice the number of distractions while you’re stuck at work today.

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