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2014's Peak Dates for Cherry Blossom Viewing in Washington, DC

March 11, 2014 at 10:56 AM | by | ()

We already let you know about the goings on at this year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival, and now we know all about the most important part of the festival. That’s because the National Park Service has run the data and reviewed the numbers, and they’re ready to make the prediction regarding the timing for this year’s peak bloom period.

Obviously there’s a little luck behind things in addition to the science and the skill, but for 2014 it sounds like they’re thinking that peak bloom will be between April 8 and April 12. That’s a little later than usual—blame it on the harsh winter?—as things usually reach their full flowering potential around April 8.

Just so you know the peak bloom period is based upon when 70 percent of the blossoms of the Yoshino cherry trees surrounding the Tidal Basin are open for business. Usually the prediction can be even more precise as the date approaches, as it sounds like ten days out is when they can really make an even better guess.

If you want to base your plans to visit Washington, DC off your own forecast you’re welcome to do so. They have a listing of the last few years worth of blossom data, and there’s even a webcam set-up so you can check things out for yourself. Best wishes and blossoms!

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