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It Seems Crazy, But Sometimes a Genuinely Nice Person Does a Nice Thing at an Airport

March 18, 2014 at 2:52 PM | by | ()

Letís face it. When youíre at an airport you hate and are annoyed by everyone else. In such a tense environment, it's rare for someone to be courteous, even if that means a simple smile.

Personally, we love being at airports. Everyone is coming and going all over the world and they rarely come together and interact during this transition. It's all so serendipitous, if it weren't for the stress.

Recently while flying American Airlines from New York-JFK to Miami, our first plane suffered from some Navigational Equipment problems, so we were held an additional 50 minutes which inevitably got us there in time to watch our connecting flight push back from the gate with no representatives in sight. The next flight (from MIA to EYW) was 3 hours later. That meant 3 hours stolen from our Key West beach time. AA did end up compensating me 500 miles and a food voucher.

So far, so good.

It was after the bitterness over the missed flight that we realized a few others were in the exact same situation. We banded together and, after trying to figure out a good way of killing time failed, one man took it upon himself to be our groups' Good Samaritan. He marched off, and returned with an Admiralís Club membership and guest passes for us and two others who also missed the flight.

That wasnít necessary but it did allow us to relax, shower, and ease into airplane food. Even better, this serves as proof that there are genuinely nice people out there—even at airports!

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