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Starting in April, France is Back on Eurail Select Pass

Where: France
March 11, 2014 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

After taking a year hiatus from participating in the Eurail Select Pass - which allows customers to purchase three, four, or five country rail passes - France has announced it will rejoin the program starting in April.

Currently and until March 31st, you can buy three, four, or five country passes, choosing from a list of 25+ countries so long as they are connected to each other. For those looking at the map, you can see the effects of the decision go beyond visiting France. This past year, Select Pass holders were out of luck when they wanted to travel from Spain/Portugal to Italy/Germany/Switzerland/Belgium. They had to buy single tickets or splurge on the Global Pass, which is at least double the price depending on the specifics of your travel dates.

Another change to be aware of starting in April is that only four-country passes will be sold. The three and five country passes will be discontinued, although you can still purchase them up until March 31st without France.

We don't necessarily like the disappearance of the three and five country options, but having France back on the plan, both as a destination and a connecting country, is definitely a great thing. And given the opportunity it opens up in Western Europe, we'll call it a pretty good compromise.

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