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Last Chance to Sneak Inside London's Newest Airport Terminal Before Opening Day

March 12, 2014 at 11:43 AM | by | ()

Since it won't be any time soon that travelers will walk the halls of Berlin's new airport (ah hem national embarrassment ah hem), it's time to throw full focus on the nearly complete Terminal 2 at London-Heathrow Airport.

Formally named "The Queen's Terminal," the $2.5 billion GBP ($3.9 billion USD) structure is nearly set to open, but it needs your help.

Heathrow is looking for hundreds and thousands of volunteers willing to play passenger and put the terminal through the paces before the official opening. This is called a "proving period," and we can say from firsthand experience (as a volunteer during T5 at JFK's proving period that it's generally great fun running around a fresh-built airport.

Trials are already taking place at Terminal 2—testing everything from boarding to baggage claim and beyond—and they continue through May. Anyone (so long as you have a passport or EU identity card) may register online to play passenger before the real ones come streaming into immigration when the first flight arrives in early June.

Not sound fun enough for you? Aside from being among the first to have a peek inside The Queen's Terminal, you'll also be privy to the many architectural and energy advances employed in the construction and daily operation. Also, there may be freebies. So, race you to the check-in counters? There's 182 of 'em!

[Renderings: London Heathrow]

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