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United Goes Green, Ditches Foam Cups from the Beverage Cart

February 7, 2014 at 9:23 AM | by | ()

Get ready to burn your hands on that flavorful airplane coffee, as United Airlines has finally decided that styrofoam cups probably aren’t the best idea to be handing over to millions and millions of flyers.

Just the other day the airline announced that they’d be doing mother nature a solid, so they’re setting aside foam cups in the cabin in favor of ones which are a little kinder to the environment.

The new, eco-friendlier option has quite the pedigree, as the InCycle cup made by MicroGREEN is made from up to 50 percent recycled materials and recyclable itself.

For those who will miss the old cups—don’t worry—you still have time to bid them a fond farewell. The InCycles will begin to appear in the airport lounges this month, and they’ll move onto the flights during the middle of March.

Oh—and we are kidding about burning you hands—apparently the new cups are nicely insulated, so you probably don’t even need a sleeve to enjoy that in-flight beverage.

[Photo: Matt @ PEK]

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