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Tampa Will Cut a $1 Billion Check for Airport Upgrades and New Garden

February 6, 2014 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

When it comes to airport news you know that we can’t get enough, so when we heard that Tampa was planning a revamp and reno at its facilities we just had to share.

The Tampa International Airport is famous for connecting chilly passengers with some fun in the sun, and now the place is going to exude a little bit more warmth. It’s all about a more modern and open feel, as even some of the shops and restaurants will be moved from the middle to make some more space.

Going with the theme of sunshine there will be way more windows and what not, as the upgraded airport wants to ensure that natural light is a major component of what the place has to offer. Outside spaces will be added—including a new garden—to create more room for eating, drinking, and relaxing.

Construction work is set to start up later this year, and the big reveal should be at some point during 2017. All in all things will cost around $1 billion, so you can imagine that they’re pretty darn serious with this latest undertaking. More room for rental cars, a new baggage system, and a new flight kitchen round out some of the offerings.

Sure the airport will be better in the future, but with the latest winter weather, we would still be interested in visiting Tampa sooner than later.

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